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Stop Sarawak Timber Corruption - Freeze Taib assets now!

For 30 years, Abdul Taib Mahmud has been Chief Minister of the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Taib has abused his power in a spectacular way and has transferred the massive proceeds of corruption and illegal logging overseas. He and his family members own numerous companies in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UK, the US and other countries.

Help us to build up international political pressure against the corrupt Taib family and sign the online petition!

Your e-mail will be sent to the authorities in Australia, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, Hong Kong, Jersey, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America as well as to the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering.

Sign our online petition now
Money Logging: On the Trail of the Asian Timber Mafia by Lukas Straumann to be released on 3 November 2014 - Author appearances scheduled for Yokohama, Ottawa, Vancouver, San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Basel, Brussels and Geneva - More information at www.money-logging.org




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